Travel Policy

Please note: We will continue to keep this page updated as and when the situation changes

Private Luxury Events’ policy on the COVID-19 virus:

We believe it’s important to be both aware and cautious of recent, global concerns regarding Coronavirus. However, we also wanted to find a way to continue to provide you with events that allow you to connect and build strong business relationships through face-to-face interaction in a social and safe environment.

After careful research and taking advice from industry experts on board, we’re pleased to say that we are currently confident to continue with our upcoming 2020 events, while taking a variety of steps to make sure they are a safe space for all our attendees.

Of course, if the situation changes, we will keep you updated on our position both on this page, and by contacting you directly. Please bookmark this page so you can stay updated as often as possible.

How is PLE responding to COVID-19?

We’re following a five-step strategy that’s in line with advice from the WHO, global governments and multiple experts, as well as public health authorities in our event locations.

  1. Restrictions on delegates from high risk areas

    Our highest priority is the health & safety of all our attendees. To this end, it’s been decided that delegates from high-risk areas will not be able to physically attend our events. This includes:

    Anyone living in a high-risk area
    Anyone who has travelled to a high-risk area within 14 days before the event

    By doing this, we’re aiming to lessen risks whilst still providing you with an interactive and collaborative environment to make connections. We’ll be offering a virtual alternative for delegates who are unable to attend – please see below for more information on this.

    We’ll be in touch at least 3 weeks before the event starts to determine if any delegates fall in the high-risk category.

    Note: ‘High-risk areas’ are locations which have had a travel warning issued against them by either the UK Government, or the government and authorities of that location.
  2. Selective attendance

    At Private Luxury Events, we pride ourselves in hand-selecting those who attend our events. We build relationships with our attendees and speak to each person before they attend our events. This helps us to create a safe networking environment in which we can communicate directly with our buyers & exhibitors and give each of our attendees a higher level of personal care and attention.
  3. Virtual meetings

    We are committed to creating innovative solutions to keep the travel industry connected and moving forward. Any delegates who are unable to attend our events, will still be able to connect through ‘virtual meetings’, which we recently, and successfully, introduced at one of our major events.

    Our virtual meetings are pre-scheduled, one-to-one meetings which will replace a physical meeting and our team will be ensuring the success of virtual meeting management, just as if you were at the event and in same room.
  4. Extensive hygiene precautions

    We care about your safety, which is why all our 2020 events will be placing a major focus on hygiene and cleanliness. In line with advice from WHO, we’ll be taking enhanced precautions by incorporating more hand-washing facilities and a higher level of on-site hygiene, implementing guidelines for social interaction and having medical support on-site. Our team will also be undergoing training on best practices in sanitation.
  5. Expert advice

    We’re consulting with industry experts in order to optimise & prioritise health and safety at our events. If and when anything changes, we’ll keep you updated here.

More questions:

If there’s anything more you’d like to know about our COVID-19 policy or how it will affect our upcoming events, please feel free to get in touch here or contact your account manager.

There’s no escaping the fact these are difficult times for us in the travel industry, but I believe we can continue to host great events that benefit local communities, individual attendees and the industry as a whole, provided they are delivered safely and responsibly.

Richard Barnes
CEO, Worldwide Events